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What We Buy: Broken/Unwanted Gold, Class Rings, Gold Pins/Brooches, Platinum, Estate Jewlery, Necklaces, Pendants, Precious Metals, Gold & Silver Coins, Earrings, Dental, Diamonds, Silver .925, Bracelets, Sterling Silver Flatware, Yellow, White, Rose Gold. what we do NOT buy: Gold filled (G.F. stamped), Gold Plated, Rhodium, Costume jewelry, Stainless steel, Palladium, Cell phones, Electrical components with traces of gold, Silver plated items, Computer motherboards, Hard drives, Gemstones
Cash N Gold, LLC  is a Gold and Precious Metal Recycling Center.
All items we purchase are for refining not to resale. Therefore there is nothing for sale in our store. The precious metals we buy are melted and recycled.  We work on large volumes and small profit margin, therefore, we are able to pay you more money for your gold, silver and platinum. Prices are based on weight and karat grade contained in the items, not its value if resold. For this reason, the company cannot pay for gemstones or other small diamonds under .20pt (1/5ct).
Each item is tested in front of you, never leaving your sight. All items are tested with latest technology in precious metals and Electronic Diamond Testers.  Second, your items are weighed on certified scale to insure an accurate weight. Third, your items are appraised for the highest value for the precious metals and diamonds. Then, we make you an offer for your items, after accepting the offer, you are paid in cash.
Yes, it is that fast and easy!