sell your goldThere used to be a time when industry insiders advised people not to sell their gold jewelry or coins, because gold prices were only going to rise.

However, the market value of gold has started to slowly decline — meaning there’s never been a better time for you to sell your gold and get the best payback for your valuables.

Still not convinced that you should sell your gold? Here are three reasons why now is the best time to sell gold coins and jewelry:

1. Values are falling: In 2013, the market value of gold fell by 28% — a massive reversal of an upward trend of about a decade. Gold’s falling prices mean that now is absolutely the best time to sell your gold before its value depreciates even more.

2. There are more ways to sell your gold than ever: If you find yourself asking “where can I sell gold?” — the more appropriate question would be “where can’t I sell gold?” After the boom in gold value that took place a few years ago, a multitude of unique ways to sell your gold popped up across the country. There’s heightened competition among gold buyers to give you the most money for your gold, so make sure you compare offers from several different buyers.

3. When you sell your gold, you can get a boost in your budget: Sometimes, making ends meet can be tough — but by making the choice to sell gold jewelry or coins, you’ll immediately have some extra cash for covering your monthly bills. You’ll have more money for things you enjoy doing.

There’s no doubt that gold is a great investment material. But if you wait too long to sell your gold, you might be disappointed with what places that buy gold are willing to offer you. When you sell your gold now, you’ll get the best return possible on your gold belongings.