okc gold buyers - top value for your gold

1. What kind of gold do you accept?
We accept 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k items such as rings, bracelets, broken gold, earrings, pendants, dental gold, gold ingots and estate gold jewelry. We also accept silver and platinum items.

2. Do you buy silver?
Yes, we buy sterling silver, items stamped 925 and silver coins dated pre 1964, silver bullions, silver coins with .999 stamp. We do not buy silver plated items.

3. Do you buy diamonds?
Yes, we accept diamonds only 1/5ct (.20Pt) or larger

4. Do you buy gems?
No, we do not buy gems (Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Opals, Etc.)

5. Do you buy coins?
Yes, we buy gold coins, gold ingots, silver coins dated pre 1964, and silver .999 coins.

6. Do you buy gold plated, gold filled or costume jewelry?
No, we do not buy gold plated, gold filled or costume jewelry. These items will be stamped G.F. or H.G.E.

7. What items do you not buy?
We do not buy the following items: Gold filled (G.F. stamped), Gold plated (H.G.E stamped), Costume jewelry, Stainless Steel, Rhodium, Palladium, Computer Motherboards, Hard Drivers, Cell phones, Electrical components with traces of gold, Silver plated items.

8. How do I know what carat my gold is?
Jewelry items are usually stamped 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k. If there is no stamp, we can test the item for you.

9. Can I do a preliminary test on my gold?
Yes, take a magnet and run over your items. If anything is solely attracted to the magnet it is not real gold. However, some clasps are metal, so if you are unsure about the piece, let us test it when we evaluate your items.

10. What happens to gemstones on rings, bracelets?
These items are often too time-consuming and difficult to remove without damage. We give you a value for your entire lot of items which includes the value of any gems or small diamonds which are part of the jewelry. In our analysis, however, most of these have little or no value and the weight of the item may be discounted by the stone alone.

11. How long does it take to sell my items?
Selling your items is quick and easy, we will test your items, weight items on certified scale, quote you the price of your items value, then pay you in cash for your items. The process takes just minutes.

12. Is there a minimum amount of items required to sell my gold?
No, there is no minimum amount required to sell.

13. Where are you located?
We are located in Quail Springs Mall, across from El Chico. Quail Springs Mall is located at 2501 W. Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK 73134.

14. What hours are you open?
We are open Monday thru Saturday 10am-9pm; Sunday 12pm-6pm (Holiday Hours Vary)

15. Do I need an appointment to sell my items?
No appointment is necessary. We are able to assist you when you come in, it takes just minutes to evaluate your items and we will pay you cash on the spot!

16. What if I want to sell my items in private?
We have private rooms available for customers who would like to sell their items discretely.