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5 Steps to Cash
Step 1
We will accurately test each piece in front of you, with the latest technology in precious metals and Electronic Diamond Testers.

Step 2
Each piece will be accurately weighed on a certified scale, to ensure precision weight.

Step 3
Each piece will be appraised for the Highest Value, by our experienced Staff with years of knowledge buying precious metals.

Step 4
Price Assessment in minutes. After testing, weighing and appraising your items, we will offer you the most money possible for your items.

Step 5
After your approval of our offer, you are Paid in Cash on the Spot!

Our testing equipment is the latest technology for testing precious metals and diamonds. Our weighing scales are certified by NTEP and Approved Legal for Trade.

Most countries require some stamp stating the gold karat, but few effectively enforce and hold the jewelers accountable. Therefore, we do not require a gold karat stamp of 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, all items are tested to accurately determine the gold content of each item.

Prices are based on weight and karat grade contained in the items, not its value if resold. For this reason, the company cannot pay for gemstones or other small diamonds under .20pt (1/5ct).

* The consultation is free of charge and there is no obligation to sell your items.